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Your Home and Auto are your two biggest investments. The more you learn the less you get taken.  Over 80% of our materials have been MADE in USA.   INSULATION FACTS



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    Since 1950 this number has not changed ?  25% of the population are handy


How do you know if a contractor is performing well?  What does it cost ?

Learn the basics Electrical, Plumbing, Carpentry See Essential Links


The median hourly wage averages between 15$ and hr to 30$ an hour depending on locality.

BLS Breakdown  Cost of labor per hr + Overhead + Materials + PROFIT = COST Price


 Need an idea of work to be performed and how long will it take:

Homewyse has an index of work, the hours, materials etc.

Kitchen add on - This kitchen was gutted back in 2002. All new appliances, hickory cabinets, wall cut and tile removed from walls. 2014 and Home Depot still had access to the hickory cabinets. Friend wanted to add six feet of base cabinets, smaller window and three pendant lights. Total time so far 40 hours.  Materials $2,500.  Rates for electrical contractor would be $50 to $75 plus materials.


Adds storage space, counter space work area, and serving Table for Dining Room. A bar area for entertaining. The pendant lighting is not just for light but a work of art. The globes seem to hover in midair at night.


MR E Photo Gallery Basement with Egress

Another Basement w/egress will add 15K value to home.

 Egress window for basement. To add a bedroom you need an egress. Safe for the fire & rescue and for your loved ones. Cost do it yourself about $2,500. We were quoted about 5k for the job. Digging 2 people 5 hours. Total Project 68 hours. All hard labor.









Using R-10 2 inch rigid, furring Strip attached with 4 inch 1/4 Tapcon concrete screws. Tyvek tape all seems. Using foam and furring requires the use of MC (metal clad) 14-3 (w,b,g). Two new circuits both arc fault as required by code. Will allow a bit of expansion. The project was on hold during the winter. Installed one circuit for the lights and stair side wall. The project 75% complete. About 50 hours left.

in the Automotive Section

Kia Spectra Rear Brake Pad and Rotor replace

Buick Century Front turn signal / running light shorts out the fix 

Buick Century Water Pump & Window Regulator


Best way to loosen rust and frozen bolts, smells good too

Dupont Teflon Penetrant can be found at LOWES.

When I work with my students, I notice the same issues at every home. Think of weather and what it will do to any structure. Wind, Rain, Heat, and Cold will wreak havoc with your investment.  I see water damage at every home in some shape or form. Most of these issues are easy to repair.   Examples: Grading issues, Gutter issues, Foundation issues, landscape too close, front steps breaking up, roof issues, chimney issues, failed grout or caulk leading to damage.

Another Student falls victim to water and termite damage. Although not her fault, the root cause, lack of flashing, was found and a fix is in the works.  Photos / Text of project

When is the last time you took a walk around your home looking for issues? Would you know what to look for?  See the links section for HUD book free, and what a home inspector looks for, and some links to local code.

 What I offer is different: I like to share, as in sweat equity. Think of me as your coach. This way a home owner aka student can gain confidence with handling tools, and making repairs themselves. I enjoy teaching. I work with you to develop a maintenance plan for you to follow. You in turn save money, gain knowledge, confidence and security.

Most repairs can last 5 + years, some 20+ years. IF your home is older figure on a remodel every 20-30 years at a minimum. Most will be done because the life of the current appliances or failure of water tight areas, or a change of color (what were those designers thinking with the avocado, pink, blue and yellow tile). Most baths and showers if tiled will have water damage after 20+ years of use. Assume a gut at a minimum of the shower/tub area. 


Those shows on TV/CABLE that show homeowners working with contractors, will tell you budget, but not actual labor hours spent or total elapsed time do they. The folks look so clean. One day / two day shows have a labor force equal to 500/1000 hours. Be prepared for dust every where no matter how hard you try and keep it down.


What about your auto. I wonder how many of you used to work on your car back in the day, but stopped. All the engineers did was replace sensors to do the checking, a fluid change is no big deal. Are you female and never learned basic car information? Gloves work wonders. Ask my daughter who in 10th grade was the only person in class who knew how to change a tire.  She can change oil, and replace spark plugs.



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