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US. HUD Residential Rehab Inspection Guide

HUD Residential Rehab Inspection Guide Templates, Avg Lifespan of appliances and Construction, a guide for all


Baltimore County MD Plumbing Code

Baltimore County Building Code


Home Inspection Checklist


Home Inspection checklist2

Sample inspection report w/ photos

Really nice sample report.

Great info for any home owner:

Books from PATH (HUD): Design & Construction Guides

Energy Star . GOV Insulation and air gaps

USG Sheetrock: construction-handbook/chapter1.pdf

Vinyl Siding: Guide to Vinyl siding installation

VSI Vinyl installation Guide: 2007Manual.pdf

Duct Ac : Ductwork Guide

Plumbing: HowStuffWorks "Plumbing Basics"

Electrical: Path Electrical

Other links:

DIY Network has good shows and tips