Mr. E   - Photo Gallery : Major Bath 1 Fall 2009

Nothing like pink with black trim. UGLY.

Window leaked air. No Storage at all. Tile all up the wall. DEMO time.

Found a 3 Sq ft storage space in the wall near the stack. The storage unit came from IKEA.

Toilet by TOTO !

When the Shower wall was done we used the best thinset. @30.00

Being a small room hard to have 2 people working at once, so a good plan, separation of skills makes the job go faster.

Well built shower and floor. Some things in this home were done well.

We used green board mold resistant. Just a few bucks more for the job. 1/2 cement board with new shower pan.


We set up the shower wall tile to accept a glass door if the student wishes, but left to a professional.

Better lighting, more storage under sink. A new replacement window with opaque glass.



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