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Buick Century - 1999 3.1  Fix Known Issues

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ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS! - Taking a short cut can cut your life short.

Passenger Side Front turn signal


The bulb burns out , actually shorts out. To fix. Order new turn signal socket (rockauto was cheapest) at 19$. about 5 minutes to install.  On each side of the headlamp housing look for 1/2 inch wide 3 inch long white plastic clips. Pull up, remove clips. Remove lamp housing. Remove rubber cover, twist turn signal socket to remove.

 AC DELCO   part # LS115    Parking Lamp Socket

Buick Century Odometer, gear selector not lighting, or dim


Buick Century 1999-2004  Have an issue where the Odometer does not light as for the gear selector too. Four resistors will burn out, as each burns out the odometer gets dimmer till all go out.


Fix is easy. You tube provides the instructions:

GM Electronic Gear Indicator and Tripometer Odometer Cluster


Screwdriver, Slotted and Phillips

25w Solder iron

Radio Shack -

   Obtain (4) 150 ohm resistors

   Rosin Core Solder

   De solder ribbon


  1. Remove negative battery wire.

  2. Remove front dash ( one screw passenger side under the fuse cover rest are clips).

  3. Remove the console cluster (4 screws and a data connector)

  4. Open and remove the circuit board

  5. Locate 4 resistors right side four are under each other. They are the small circuit resistors but the ones from radio shack will work. Some will be gone, others fall off with a touch.

  6. Bend leads of new resistors, cut to size and solder in place.

  7.  Reverse order to re install

  8. Test , wow brighter then ever.

Thanks to all who post the info that I used. Nice job.


Buick Century 1999-2004 


Cooling level  indicator ( right side Red lighting on dash console, intermittent, or full on)



   Ratchet and Sockets

   O ring assortment



   50 / 50 antifreeze

   Bucket to catch anti freeze

   Cooling Level Sensor 30 to 50$


How To:

To get to the sensor.

  1.    Remove brace passenger side over battery

  2.    Remove Battery

  3.    Sensor is square on the side of the radiator passenger . look for the wire leads

  4.    remove wire lead

  5.    remove clip ( Pain in the neck) putting the clip back is even worse.

  6.    remove sensor

  7.    Clean and replace  See TSB below, sensor brass probe must be total cleaned not just wiped off.( you can try and clean first, but if the car is 8 years old or more might as well replace it.) Rock Auto was cheapest.

  8. The new sensors' O ring may be too big So have a O ring kit on hand (less than 10$)

  9.    Install new sensor, replace clip (PIA)

  10.    Reverse order to finish

  11.    add anti freeze 50/50 mix if dex cool flush two times and replace.

  12.    road test

Water Pump

The water pump is up front on passenger side.  8 mm socket and 10 mm socket. A 3/8 rachet, and along big screwdriver.


Time 40 mins,  Cost Water pump on sale 17$ , fluid - 10$.  Dealer 275-300$


Only trick is the long screwdriver which is used to hold the pully. put blade between 2 of the 4 bolts, and the AC compressor.


Loosen petcocks till antifreeze comes out. bring up the temp to let thermostat open.  7 and 8 mm


Pully 81 Ft Lbs water pump 7.25 ft lbs or tight then 1/4 turn.


This is a perfect 8 min video of the process




 Usually the cable will break. Easy to replace.

Purchase the complete motor and track. about 75$. Pick up new trim push pins need 10. Screw Driver , and set of sockets for the bolts. The bolts are reused.


Remove screw on door lever, the cap in the hand hold has 2 bolts, then remove the panel, Unconnect the tweeter wire, the door lock and the window control cable. Peal back the plastic vapor barrier.


Black arrow show what to remove. Disconnect the wire from the motor


Shows the 2 bolts that act as a clamp on the glass.


My last visit for 60k tires the shop came back with the following prices:


$105 for Antifreeze Flush

$120 for Power Steering flush

$51 for air cleaner filter


I did it for:

$10 Antifreeze Flush

$ 10 Power Steering Flush

$ 10 for air cleaner

1 hr labor


Saved $273 - 30$ = $243.00


Savings, it's up to you.

   - Oil Change  Up to 50$ a yr

   - Air Filter 40$

   - Fluid Replace Power Steering, Transmission, Cooling - 2 yrs / 30 k 200 or more in savings.

   - Brakes - 40 to 60 k save $100


GM Electronic Gear Indicator and Tripometer Odometer Cluster


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