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Honda Accord 2002 Fluid Changes 60K service

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ALWAYS USE JACK STANDS! - Taking a short cut can cut your life short.


Cars and engines are clean today compared to 30 years ago.

See the KIA Spectra notes:

Fluids, from gasoline to oil to antifreeze keep your engine clean. Take the time to read the owners manual.


Basic tools and time is all that is needed to do your own maintenance.


Obtain a copy of owners manual which will outline procedures and service maintenance. Always be sure of fluid specifications.


Honda specifies specific fluid for Power Steering, and transmission fluid. see notes below for links to the products that meet spec.


Click to enlarge: Service at 60K chart from Honda Motors


Where is it located? A few extra tips in Red. Click for enlargment.


Transmission:  Simple procedure.

Location : passenger side front. 3/8 inch square will fit into drain plug.

loosen, drain, refill with 3 quarts of Honda ATF ( in this case Castrol Multi Vehicle Import ATF.

Take the car for a 5 minute drive. repeat procedure. few times.


Changing oil is changing oil and filter. Others have written many articles on this subject. Just tips

Location: Drives side. Pan drain and filter

Filter is on back side of engine.


Always wipe filter contact area clean. Lubricate the gasket on the new filter.

Do not over tighten.

Refill with Oil. Follow Owners manual. I prefer at a minimum Synthetic Blend.


Cooling System.

Drain at pet cock valve below the radiator. caution hot. capture in bucket.

Use hose to flush water through radiator (not hot) capture underneath.

Clean pet cock valve and close. Repeat water flush. let sit 5 minutes and drain.

Repeat till water is clear coming out.

Let drain and close pet cock.

dispose of  drained products properly. directions on antifreeze product.

See product sources below for more information


Power Steering.

Clean Cap and top. lift up from assembly right hand side. remove cap. place oil drain pan under car. Slowly drain oil by rotating the power steering tank.

refill with Honda Spec Power Steering.

When transmission is changed out change out the power steering fluid.

means drive for 5 min in between drain and fill. repeat one more time.

Make sure the steering wheel is turned from side to side till it stops to remove air in system.


How Much does it cost in Materials:

Estimate only:

 $ 14 Oil 5W-30  Honda specs 5W-20, but hot area, stop and go driving

 $   3 Filter

 $ 30 Transmission Fluid Honda Spec

 $   3 PCV

 $ 12 Air Filter

 $   8 Antifreeze

 $   6 Power Steering fluid Honda Spec

 $   8 Misc spray carb cleaner, injector cleaner, WD 40, rags etc.


$ 84 Total Materials


Labor time was 2 hrs




 Honda Accord 2002 Owners Manual

 Honda Accord / Honda related web forums



MAX Life Valvolene  5W-30 Synthetic Blend  motor oil ILSAC GF-4,  API SPec SM/SL   --- Honda likes 5W-20 but -30 offers a bit more protection in heat and stop and go driving.

SuperTech Oil filter 2X normal - Made by large mfg and are good filters.

Castrol Multi Import trans fluid meets Honda/ Acura ATF-Z1 spec , kia, mitsu, toyota 


Prestone Extended Life  -- 50/50 mix of 150k miles / 5 years protection

Prestone Power steering fluid Honda / Acura spec


My last visit for 60k tires the shop came back with the following prices:


$105 for Antifreeze Flush

$120 for Power Steering flush

$51 for air cleaner filter


I did it for:

$10 Antifreeze Flush

$ 10 Power Steering Flush

$ 10 for air cleaner

1 hr labor


Saved $273 - 30$ = $243.00


Savings, it's up to you.

   - Oil Change  Up to 50$ a yr

   - Air Filter 40$

   - Fluid Replace Power Steering, Transmission, Cooling - 2 yrs / 30 k 200 or more in savings.

   - Brakes - 40 to 60 k save $100


Example - 1 year cost DIY

 60$ yr Syn Blend oil & filter

 10$ yr Air Filter


2 yr cost DIY

60$ yr Syn Blend oil & filter

 10$ yr Air Filter

        Fluids replace

 8$       PS

 24$     AT DEX VI (6) or JASO

 15$     Cooling

3 yr or 4 yr cost goes up

include yr 1, yr 2

Brakes -

    PADS $100

    Rotors $ 140 +


Automotive Training and Resource Site (toyota manuals & training)

KIA Technical Site (TSB, OBD, Repair etc.)

CVVT Variable Valve Timing how it works

CVVT You Tube animation

CVVT You Tube




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