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KIA SEPHIA 2000 Project ; Transmission

The KIA Sephia 2000 at 195k. Main issue is the F4A-EL (F4EAT) automatic transmission. Built and designed by FORD/MAZDA, it is used in many Fords, Mazdas, KIA, etc. From the get go, this is the first transmission (ever owned) that had to be rebuilt at 120k miles. This transmission has known defects that I have found out about.


Basic Tests you can do.

 - Check OBDII Codes and look up diagnosis

          In this case a P1624, P1500, P72XX

          The troubleshooting tree from KIA says to test circuit / replace the VSS Speed Sensor.  ( a 40$ part that is known to go bad ) The VSS also is the input to the variable powers steering , which was tight when at slow speed instead of boosting, another clue to VSS.


 (KIA Sephia 2000, VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor location)


(KIA Tech Info - Online)


- Stall Test : Hold brake left foot and press gas with right foot.

     Note RPM tach when engine stops accelerating. Should be at 2200 - 2500

The Reverse sometimes and sometimes does not pass stall test.


- The transmission has been totally flushed, new DEX VI (6) and new filter.


- After researching on the web, the Oil Pump fluid pressure bypass valve, or spool valve, is a known defect. (K74878) and (F4A-Valve) make a replacement part.


The 2 minute repair was not. The original valve appears to be stuck inside.


Stuck valve





KIA Tech Info

Kia Forum

FORD Escort Owners Assoc.:

 A/T - G4A-EL/4EAT Low Pump Pressure   Part

 A/T - G4A-EL/4EAT Low Pump Pressure  HOW TO GUIDE


My last visit for 60k tires the shop came back with the following prices:


$105 for Antifreeze Flush

$120 for Power Steering flush

$51 for air cleaner filter


I did it for:

$10 Antifreeze Flush

$ 10 Power Steering Flush

$ 10 for air cleaner

1 hr labor


Saved $273 - 30$ = $243.00


Savings, it's up to you.

   - Oil Change  Up to 50$ a yr

   - Air Filter 40$

   - Fluid Replace Power Steering, Transmission, Cooling - 2 yrs / 30 k 200 or more in savings.

   - Brakes - 40 to 60 k save $100


Example - 1 year cost DIY

 60$ yr Syn Blend oil & filter

 10$ yr Air Filter


2 yr cost DIY

60$ yr Syn Blend oil & filter

 10$ yr Air Filter

        Fluids replace

 8$       PS

 24$     AT DEX VI (6) or JASO

 15$     Cooling

3 yr or 4 yr cost goes up

include yr 1, yr 2

Brakes -

    PADS $100

    Rotors $ 140 +


Automotive Training and Resource Site (toyota manuals & training)

KIA Technical Site (TSB, OBD, Repair etc.)




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