Mr. E   - Gallery : Driveway Repair, Yard makeover 

Power washing gets the dirt out of the cracks and prepares the surface with sealer.



The Asphalt patch needs to be tamped a good bit. add sand mix to top and keep tamping. Helps to set in.

After 2 days go back and tamp




Built a compost pile in back wooded area for leaves.


Makeover took 2 days and makes a big difference.

Showing the cracks now sealed. Took 2 gallons of crack sealer. needs to sit over night. The Yews up front, one is almost dead and the other is. Will be replaced with same.

The walk stones will need to be replaced at a later date. Leaves due to two oak trees in front yard.



First phase of leave removal, Patching of depression in driveway and seal coat. Do not use the cheapest not the most expensive. The small area took 8 Gallons.

 Place board over surface run car tire over board. Give it a good week to set up.

Power washed the front siding.


If an older person cannot bend to plant then I suggest two flower boxes and a hanging plant I  photo shopped these in along with yews.

Adds a bit of pop and helps the person feel good.

The underneath of the stairs will be covered.

The walk will be replaced by fall.

Fertilizer, lime, and new grass seed, and massaged into soil.





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