Mr. E   - Photo Gallery : Dry River Bed  Stone Project Feature

Landscaping can add beauty while adding to a maintenance less feature,

all while fixing a drainage issue.


This project was on the wish list. Years before fixing the foundation issues on that side of the home, we noticed the ground was too high and sloped towards the home. The repair held up but it was time for the next step.  This project cost $800 in material mostly Stone ($600) 25 hours. Labor with sweat $1000. Total $1,800 for a feature that normally goes for 5k. 

Goal move extra drainage water to the back yard garden.  Limit cutting of grass. Move water / rain snow away from home. Principles-of-exterior-drainage - PDF  Great guide.

To move water away from home slope away, add plastic and add main drainage towards back garden.

Perf pipe used and a cleanout installed at front, middle and near end.

Perf pipe can be augured. Corrugated pipe cannot.


Once dirt is moved in this case 8 hours worth. Notice dual layer 20 mil plastic near home out 3 feet.

The Black is perf weed fabric


Stone - Pea gravel 5 tons . 2 tons of 3 to 5 inch assorted River Bed stone. 20 bags of mulch.

Other stones come from the native stream bed, and from the yard. Observation No more drainage

issues ever after lots of snow this past winter. 


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