Mr. E   - Gallery : Wrought Iron, Concrete, Wood fence, Stone Walk, Siding 

Power washing Helped to loosen the old repair and the old mortar cap.


Wire Brush, grind and sand. Applied Primer




Needs a final coat of paint in the spring after the cap cures.






Algae is around, seems to be every where.




Phone line to home ran...yup under the stone walk.



Typical Fence, showing sun and algae Before and after.

Normal wear and tear on a home built in 1984.

 Wrought Iron was big back then.



Shows the cap gone.






Final showing new mortar cap, brushed to match the current pattern. Semi Gloss Black paint 2 coats and this should last a while.






I use a Oxy clean bleach and laundry detergent in a 5 gallon bucket for cleaner. Wet it down, brush on the cleaner, let it work 10 - 15 mins and power wash off. Use less pressure...

Stone reset with sand mix, after phone line repaired.




THis makover only took 2 days. makes a big difference.






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