Mr. E   - Photo Gallery : Cement Steps & Iron Railing

Iron Railings were the thing back in the day. Still functional but they do need a bit of care.

Coated the area where the railing meets the cement with rust nutralizer.


Better than a full replacement and will last a long time.

Only other option would be replace the rail and the steps.

Power washing revealed many issues The hand rail part was pitted, sharp and rusted. The rail in some sections separated. 3lb mall and a dolly helped to reshape, then JB Weld and a clamp.

Grinder did wonders. Broken cement needs to be replaced and matched.

Put a scratch coat of type S mortar and checker pattern for final coat to bite.

Two coats of red metal primer and a coat of semi gloss black. The cement repair was matched by painting a slurry in the front.



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