Mr. E   - Photo Gallery : Shed, Deck, and Fence

Power washing tip too much pressure will ruin the wood. Let the chemicals do the work

Saved the Rooster. The fence was large and algae coated shown after power washing and stain


Showing deck after clean and after stain






Soccer balls and skateboards. Replaced spindles, power wash, and new Opaque redwood. Came out nice

Ants ate the wood mostly the 1x3 and they were replaced. there were vines all up the side.

Primed and painted. 



The roof shingles were shot. Replaced. The lilac tree is what ants like. cut them back.




Big Deck with semi transparent stain, lats longer than clear.


Came out nice.




Redwood opaque stain, top. Kick board original, and bottom after wash.



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