Mr. E   - Photo Gallery : Yellow Bath with Shower
The lovely Yellow tile bath. Built in 1978. Not by a pro.





Lovely blue green tile. We opend up the bottom since the tiles were loose and found mold, wet wood. A gut and redo of the shower.




Silicone caulk bottom block to floor . Add 1 inch Foam insulation R-5

Typical sheathing in the day was the fiber type. Usually a hammer or a rock went through. If you do not replace all the Insulation, fill the holes with low foam.

Check for the nuts on the bolt to foundation hold downs or straps.  So much for the Inspectors on this one.

38.5 hours at this point. Including picking up supplies.







Red Gard will act as a water barrier for no leaks.









Other side of the closet became an area to install a 12 inch deep, 18 inch wide and 39 inch tall closet.






Shower though white has a nice boarder to break it up a bit. Nice touch.


Grout coming up.


This point in time 90 hours has been expended.











The bath did have a new vanity, mirror and light. Electric had a GFI outlet already.

Student wanted the toilet replaced.


The Pan made of fiberglass was in need of replacing.

Use the Multi tool and half moon cutter to cut chunks 4 x4 out of the wall for easy demo and carry. Less mess and dust. No more 3 lb hammer.

Foam is your friend. You can feel a gap and the airflow with your hand. Especially around windows and pipes and along the sill.

Laundry room is next to the bath. The closet that opened to that room is shown. We can add a closet on this side for the bath room for storage. Nice gain.

Used cement board to bring shower area up 3/4 inch.

Cement 1/2 inch installed leaving a 3/16 gap from pan. This gets filled with silicone so water does not weep upwards.  Use a bead of silicone in the 2 top to bottom corners. Then apply mesh tape and thin set.





Daughter is actually is very good at measuring and cutting dry wall.









Energy star window. Argon filled, and frosted pain was $50 cheaper than the year before. Takes less than 2 hours to install.

We clean the frame, sand and prime. Finish with exterior paint.






Floor tile going in. Looks nice.


We estimate 24 to 30 hours left to finish.



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