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Did you know when you work on your home, most of the products that are bought are American MADE 70-90%. Your Sweat 100% American made. VS an Electronic Gizmo.

Latest - April 2011

Basement Shower and bath room gut: 1978

(Photo Composition w/text) What was to be a re-grout, and replace the toilet simple fix became a complete gut and re do.  The 3x3 shower was the fiberglass pan type. Regular drywall. Upon inspection found the following: wall movement caused crakes in grout letting in water. Drywall was touching pan side which caused water wicking. few base studs were wet. (a small drip next room over from the washing machine fill lines caused the wetness. The tiles were dated with Blue/green tile with black trim in the shower and golden yellow for the rest of the bath. 

Southern Md Home Project: 1973 (Photo Composition w/text)

Elapsed time: 6 months.

1973 era home. Carport was remodeled to a family room. Builder forgot flashing and did not fix drainage issues. Full sill replacement, Gut inside due to water and termite damage. This includes engineered wood floor hand hewn maple. very cool. over 900 Sq feet. Along the way we fixed the bad and the ugly and it came out great. Home owner did the great job of color, wood and tile selection for this project.

Basement rehab: 1968 (Photo Composition w/text)

Contractor time 90 hours, Homeowner 30 hours: Total elapsed time was 2 months.

Since the mold room uncovered code violations we knew what was in store and found the same issues regarding the sill and water. Outside foundation where needed was sealed. All termite damage was limited to soft wood which was being removed regardless. 

The Mold Room 1968 : (Photo Composition w/text)

Contractor time 150 hours, Homeowner 150 hours Total elapsed time was 1 month. Result no musty smell in house, beautiful room.  Total cost material and contractor was less than 50$ a square foot. Lots of labor on the foundation and grading work. Materials were less than the bath. Since this room faces the street the homeowner wanted to make it more soundproof. We were able to correct electric code violations and framing violations. 

The Small PINK Bathroom with Shower: ( Photo Composition w/text)

Contractor time 90 hours, Homeowner 50 hours total elapsed time was less than a month. Tight Space hard to have more than one person working. Wait time for tile to set and time for window to come in. Toilet, vanity and light along with the later to be installed shower door added to the cost per square foot. Materials and Contractor was less than 220$ a square foot. Result, after 40 years it was really the color of the tile that made the difference. The best part was the addition of 6 square feet of storage space.  We all like the Toto Brand of toilets.

Kitchen Remodel: ( Photo Composition w/text)

The kitchen had avocado tile two thirds up the wall. The appliances, all had failed or were failing (the original lasted 30 yrs) The homeowner also wanted to open up a wall to enjoy the planned sunroom. The per square foot total came in at  less than $220 a square foot.


 What if you only want to complete a fast and easy quick do over on a bathroom expect to expend about $1,000 and up depending.

The average span of price for a remodel is between $100 and $700 per square foot.



Drainage issues outside -

  Before you dig call MISS UTILITY   Principles-of-exterior-drainage - PDF


Outdoor Dry River Bed. To fix a drainage issue or the long term.



(Photo Composition Shed Deck Fence w/text)

Large Fence, Large 3 layer deck, a roof failing on the shed and ants eating the shed


(Photo Composition Concrete, Wrought Iron, Fence, Algae w/text)

Concrete cap broken, Iron railing rusting, wood fence and siding with algea


(Photo Composition Asphalt Driveway repair, Yard Makeover w/text)

Asphalt driveway in need of repair, cracks. Yard needed some general care


(Photo Composition Concrete step repair and Iron Railing w/text)

Railing was pitted and rusted badly. Top strap on railing was seperated. Concrete was failing on side of steps and a gap in the back.

Look at how weather has shaped our planet. Add the pests that eat wood and you have a never ending plan of maintenance. Mortar, concrete, power washing, driveway, shed, deck and fence. Be amazed what can be accomplished in one to two days.



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